op-shop stripy top//city beach denim pinafore//sea shepherd badges
There is something about this girl, as if a scent surrounds her and remains tactile on her skin. Drawing people into her realm, if only for a second as she passes them on the street. They can't help but smile, or walk by and think of who she is, and wonder where they might find assumed qualities like hers, in others.
Tayla Gage is absolutely my favourite girl on the whole entire planet. She is the most relaxed personality I have ever fallen into a friendship with and her hair is some of the longest I've fishtailed. She is the best 'big spoon' in all of the universe tbh - really, if you've been spooned by Tayla Gage, you are firstly blessed, and secondly, now have very high spooning standards. Tayla is an addictive personality, once you've been introduced, you know that it won't be the last time you see her. Oh, and if you're lucky enough to hear her laugh, you will be hooked.
Tayla Emily Gage//18//short "model sized ya know?"//purple&red//down-to-earth//big eyes & long red hair
When I first met Tay, I had no idea that we would become so close, and be snuggled down here on my bed one Tuesday evening after meeting each other over two and a bit years ago. She is up visiting me at my home in the hills from down the mountain where I use to travel once a week on Friday nights so that I could escape school and spend my days off with a gal who just made my life generally better! We have never been the pair that suffocate each other, or become catty copycats, we simply just are ourselves when we're together, and exist side by side with ease. 
We are lying in my bed talking about her big move to Victoria that is taking place now in just a mere couple of days, an event I did see coming but not as soon as I thought.This is about her, and about our friendship, I ask and she bares all. The recording that I start on my phone begins with us messing around for about three minutes, and then we burp in sync, delightful....

ATM, who is trending on your musical 'Taydar'?
Warpaint! They're always different, kinda dark, but in a good way
What is your favourite place of all time?
Oh, that is a hard one...probably the farm I grew up on, it was only 5 acres, but it was just THE BEST
Fave smell ever?
What you wanted to be when you were little, or awhile ago?
OMG, it jumped around so much! Well, believe it or not, I thought I was gonna get an OP1 and be a doctor! Then a teacher in a rural Aboriginal community…I wanted to be a painter at one stage, but ya know... I probably wanted to be a singer (laughs) because I made mum get her singing lessons, mum made Jake and I made us sing for her to see if our voices had any potential because she didn't want to waste money on singing lessons for us if we were gonna get anywhere from them! Guess what I sang? DELTA GOODREM!!
What you will be?
I actually have no clue whatsoever, kinda just seeing what happens and taking it as it comes. I'd like to so something involving travel and art, I'd love to do some volunteer work, but yeah I'd like to help people somehow...
What scares you?
A LOT, I'm probably one of the most anxious people, I just hide it well, I guess I'm scared of being scared!
If you could spend a day with someone in the whole entire universe, who would it be and why?
I guess I could say a date with a hot famus guy right about now...but I'd have to say my grandfather that I never met. My mum has always said how similar we are and how I would've really loved him. The lady who reads my palms told me his presence has always been with me.
What do you believe in?
I believe in a lot, I'm really imaginative, I like to believe that anything is possible...I don't like to rule things anything out, I don't think anyone really knows anything, we kinda just believe what we're told, you know, we're just influenced by our experiences, I like to believe anything can happen
Who influences your style, whether it be a person, object or time?
It varies from the 60s era, now its more 70s/80s,I see people in the street an like what they're wearing. Its not famous people, its more people I know, and its not just one person, its multiple. 
What's your fave label or store ATM?
Sunday Social, OBSESSED

stretch #1

stretch #2
"I hate being organised and planning or being like anyone else, I like to be messy and just see what happens, and be in the moment, go with it" - Tay

Where did we first meet and what happened during our first encounter together?
Ohhh myyy goddddd, WELL, it was at Woodford Folk Festival (2012/13) at our campsite, and you and your friend Millie had come to visit Hamish and stuff, and let's just say that I was having a bit of an experience...I was flipping out and you calmed me down with the beautiful sensation of putting water on my face. (laughing) I mean, it was baaad, like good because I met you, but bad because I was just freaking out!
Can you remember anything about me during that, or was I like just the girl who put water on your face?
(laughs) I think I just didn't know, I was thinking: "well she's cool she's helping me out, my actual friends aren't so this chicks cool, she's helping me out"
Why do you think we stayed in touch?
I think we just connected from the start, you know, we just clicked and got along so well. It was just like, instant friendship.
So why do you think we did meet?
I think it was just meant to be, you know, I think I was getting to a time in my life where my friends were starting to move away - and I know this sounds lame - but the universe brought us together - THANKS HAM!
What do you enjoy most about our friendship?
It's just so easy, an its not like a friendship that you have to continuously put effort into, its like we've been friends our whole life, like we're sisters who don't fight. I like it because it reminds me of childhood, you remind me of a friend you have in kindergarten and just have fun doing simple things together. 
Do you think we'll be at each other's weddings?
Ahhh, I think we'll be getting married, SOZ RYAN! (laughs) of course we'll be in each others weddings 
Does it scare you to think that far ahead?
It doesn't scare me, its exciting, I just have no idea what's going to happen in the future. I'm sometimes scared of getting older, but I'm not scared of the future.
Describe us in five words when we're together?
Ahhhmm, okay can it be retarded? (yes)Um cornchups! Doritos...wait when we're together: TOTALLY BEST THING EVER, does that work? I mean I could be with you every minute of the day, even if you were in a shit mood. I don't care, I just luv ya!
Place/song/clothing item/food/drink that reminds you of me
I guess it is a bed, because we just lay in bed, or my car ahhh I don't know. Song, it would be Anemone by BJM, because we put it on at a party and we were the only 2 dancing to it. Clothing, weeeeell, (laughs) anything denim. Food, doritos. Drink, $4 RED WINE YEA YEA!!
Where will we travel together?
All around the world AND all around Australia! Deffs roadtrippin.
What are you going to miss most about us when you move?
Everything, I'm going to miss our snaffles, having someone to talk to all the time - THIS IS GONNA MAKE ME CRY!- I'm going to miss having someone there that has the same interests as me, exploring new places, I'm gonna miss your town...I'm going to miss you so much

By now I've long forgotten that we're recording and it all ends in tears, basically we cry ourselves into a cuddle coma and almost fall asleep. 
boys always watch tayla when we walk down the street
This afternoon almost a week after I asked her all these questions, we had lunch in my town and ate the best food EVER - like we always do. It was really hard saying goodbye for now, I've never really had to do it before. I normally say goodbye to my sister Kobe from the UK every year, and that is terribly hard. But I don't know when I'll next see Tay and its scary for both of us, but I know that moving to VIC and eventually into the city will be the best thing for her, and I only wish her the absolute best. I'll be sure to visit her soon and I'll show it all here. But now you know Tayla, and I hope you enjoyed our chat. 
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stars & crescent  moons (collage #2)
★Tay n Chlo's Playlist★
1. Anemone//Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM)
2. Reptile//The Church
3. Disco//Warpaint
4. Inhaler//Foals 
5. Love is to Die//Warpaint
6. Pearly Dew Drops//Cocteau Twins
7. Juicy//Biggie Smalls
8. Vacuum Boots//BJM
9. Elephants//Warpaint
10. Real Love//Beach House

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