mum's old jumper//$3 jeans//Karen Walker & Pandora rings

I've been wanting to start this blog for quite awhile. I have finally decided it was time to push my procrastination and doubts aside to reveal to you my self titled creative outlet - ta da! 
It's here that you'll see inside my head as if it has been delicately halved and displayed for your viewing - apart from the fact that this won't hurt as much :~). This is my welcome to the blogging world that I've anticipated, for what has seemingly been forever, from the comfort of my bed!

2014 is genuinely a big year for me, not only is it my gap year but my horoscope assures me that this is my 'year to shine'. Highschool is now a thing of the past for me, and the world has called for me to dip my finger into its plentiful banquet and have a taste. Firstly, by picking up a second job.
Travelling to Europe for two months in July with my twin sister Holly is something I'm really looking forward to; along with redecorating my room (obviously not a fan of 'The Block') (#shameless), and  bringing you my own insight into art, music, fashion and general things I find myself thinking about while I scan people's groceries.

But until these things surface, to introduce you to where I'm at now here are some photographs my brother Eli took of me up our road. This is where I've lived for 15 years now, and these hills are where my roots will forever lie.

we own 80 acres here, this lookout is my personal fave

it's so quiet out here, sometimes I stop my car when I drive this road and get out just to hear nothing
these beauties were so friendly, these are lot #2 of horses I visit on walks

the sun came out for this bliss//beloved Tony Bianco boots and Cactus earrings from 'Bow & Arrow'

Horses, dairy and beef cows, sheep, chickens, and one lonely goat live on these roads, along with about ten other households of people - including Arnold and his dairy farm. We only ever really had one pair of outstanding neighbours: Life and Lotti. They fed us Milo ice-creams every time we went up the driveway to their house. But they left years ago, to a retirement village in Bundaberg so that "Life could play golf". Now mum is friends with them on Facebook. I've loved growing up here, even though I haven't always been grateful for it - my fuel tank would agree. Despite this, I think I'll always love wide open spaces.

This is my green bliss: hills and long roads to nowhere. 

Love Chlo x