DOB: 15/10/1996 // Birthstone: Opal // Starsign: Libra // Ruling planet: Venus // Element: Air
  We were never going to fight for our own identity; if they thought we were the 
same person, then sure, put us in that box, they're not worth our time 
I think people are shocked if you are a twin, because they aren't. When you are a twin, people expect you and your twin to be the same, or very similar, or very close. Which I guess makes a lot of sense, seeing as you have known your twin since the very start. But how's that for an assumption, that you and your sister, two completely different bodies, are the same person? From the very beginning we were destined to be together; to share our blood, genetics, and existence - and pretty much to hang out together for the rest of our lives. To our family we were two different girls, with different personalities, who happen to be twins. People used to peer down at Holly and I after they found out we were twins and coo: "You two girls look exactly the same!!!!"  despite the fact that we were not identical, but fraternal twins. Meaning that while we shared a womb in our mother's belly, we were two separate egg sacks, our own identities established by nature from the start. Holly was born first, and I followed 11 minutes after, crying. 

At one of our favourite organic cafes over tea and cake I ask Holly a few things about us - and her perspective on these things happen to sit very damn close to my own.

Holly Jean Borich // aspiring muso // my beaut twin sister
C: What do you think are some of our biggest differences? *Holly proceeds to put massive piece of cake in mouth*
H: Appearance wise, definitely our hair and height, those two features really define what someone looks like. Personality wise, I think you're definitely the dominant twin - its not a bad thing! - its just very in your nature, you you know what you want, except when you're shopping (laughs), but usually you know what you want and you know how you want it done. Whereas I'm like, yeah I'll do that...You're more headstrong and I'm more go with the flow.

What do you think are our biggest similarities then? *Holly again stuffs her mouth with cake*
Our indecisiveness is a similar quality, due to being Libriaaaanns. I'll admit, there's a little bit of something about us looks wise, no idea what the fu*k it is Maybe its because we're related? Heeeey, I don't know, there's something... I think we both have a respect for silence and having personal space, we both like to hang out by ourselves a lot, I know a lot of people would think we hang out all the time at home, reality of it is we are in our own rooms doing our own thing. We have a mutual respect for each other That's the one!

What has been our weirdest "twin" moment?
As in like "oooooh twin"?? Well I remember when I hurt my knee, or you hurt your knee, well someone hurt their knee, and then you walked in and were like: "my knee really hurt today" and we were like "ooooh twins" So that's it? Over the whole 17 years together? (laughing) We have no telekinesis whatsoever!! We're not cool! Well sometimes we finish each others sentences Yeah that's only because I know what you're going to say because I've heard it 50million times OMG, yeah well I always repeat myself and you never do!

How different do you think we would be if one of us didn't exist?
Growing up I think what one of us had style wise the other would come up against it and do the complete opposite of that, it was just this subconscious effort to be totally different to each other even though we were different already. It came about because of what everyone else thought - not meaning to blame everyone else buuut, we are!! (laughing) But I don't think we forced it No no we didn't force it, it just happened
What was it like being in school together?
After year one mum had us in separate classes, but next door to each other so we ended up forming different little friendship groups, which was a good thing I guess. It was interesting during high school because I would look at you and yours friends and want to hang out with them because I was outgrowing my friends rapidly. Not trying to make myself out a victim, but I was pretty fu*king weird in primary school and early years of high school, so I hung out with the weirdos and you hung out with the "normal" people, and there were parts of it that I hated and parts I loved. But it was good hanging out with you in the later years because we knew exactly how to be around each other, and would sense if something was wrong and deal with it in the way we knew was best for each other.

From the public view point, how do you think they saw us?
I think they saw as one entity. At first it was cute but then it got old, we're obviously not the same, talk to us for 5 minutes and you'll see we are two completely different people. People would categorise you because of me, or me because of you even though we were nothing alike. Definitely people considered us as one person instead of two. 

Do you think that we've conquered that, do you think we've shown people that we're pretty damn different?
Definitely, and I think people have a hard time grasping that, like for instance, when I talk to someone about my interest in becoming a musician, they were like "can you persuade Chloe to do music? Why doesn't she want to do it too?" and I was like, well she wouldn't want to do something that I wanted to do for a living, like I don't want to go into fashion for the same reason and because its not my main interest, simple as that! (ps. we do sing/guitar together though! we harmonise pretty well with each other tbh #twins) It's just something that is completely engrained in our personalities Naturally we want to be and are different! Yeah!
One of my favourite things about us is that when we have an argument, 
5-10 minutes later we're back in each other's rooms like nothing ever happened
chloe / holly

I'm 5"9 an Holly is 5"7, I've always been bigger than Holl, she is a little doll
Holly and I had these two blankets knitted for us when we were tiny, we used them ALL the time since I can remember. They were our favourite blankets in the universe. Whether they be a cloak, picnic rug, cape or just a companion to keep us warm, these blankets were it all. 

we were both born with blonde hair and blue eyes
when our little brother was born Holly told mum to "put him back where he came from" and I adored him

Holly channelled 'Emily the Strange' while I channelled 'Stevie' from the Saddle Club (10yrs old)
when we were little and shared a bedroom we would see car lights in the hills out of our window and we were adamant that is was Peter Pan and his crew coming to take us to Neverland; they never showed up

All in all, I love having Holly as a twin sister, having someone my age in the room across from mine is always comforting and always has been. I've seen Holly go through a lot that I wished I hadn't and have felt her pain that I wish had never existed, but in the end these things makes us who we are, and the different choices we have made so far have only brought us closer in the end. How were we to do the same thing when we are so different? So how could we have expected any different! Growing up with a twin has been the best way to grow up for me, although we've had our ups n downz, I've observed a girl who I share so much with grow up and its been really fun. Twin sisters till the end!!

Love Chlo x