Our family atlas ft. Ricoh film camera//sunglasses from Berlin//nana's Italian makeup compact from//Chanel lippy
Packing for a trip is one of my favourite things to do. I love sorting through potential outfits 
and neatly folding everything away in a bag so I can open it at my destination and 
riffle through it for that one thing I thought I'd forgotten. 

My first time on a plane was when I was 6 months old, my parents took Holly and I for our first visit to dad's family in New Zealand. Ever since then we have travelled to NZ once a year and although the flights only lasted 3 - 4 hours they helped introduce me to flying and I'll always be thankful that I was exposed to plane travel from an early age. It was always so exciting to prep for a flight, packing my bag and choosing which pair of shoes to bring. The best flights were the early morning ones when we would rise before the sun, bundle into the car and speed off to the airport. I loved airports: arrive early, check in, bag drop, customs, cafe, boarding gate, fly away - that routine! I was allowed to pick out a magazine from the airport newsagent while my brother Eli practically begged mum to buy PK chewing gum so our ears wouldn't pop on the way up. Watching planes take off and land through those massive windows at the boarding gate made me a little anxious before the flight, but I was soon soothed by being airborne with the clouds. 
Once you know where you want to travel to, visit your local travel agent and have a casual chat with them about flights, prices, and times to travel. They're so helpful and most of them are just sitting there waiting to give you valuable information for free. 

Now, have you got a job? If not, get one! Preferably with lots of hours so you can earn that cash. The main thing that is going to fuel your trip are dollars. You're going to need $1000-2000 for a flight depending on where you're going, and about $5000 spending money if you plan on staying over 4 weeks. Stop spending, literally right this second. Exit your ASOS tabs and let's get serious. I can guarantee you that no item of clothing is going to surpass a piece (let alone experience) found on your journey. 

Saving tips:
 - Have a jar/envelope in your underwear draw and tip it when you've got spare cash (and then do not touch it)
 - Start up a travel account with your bank branch (and never access it)
 - Sell your old clothes! Out of your car or at a local market - I've made so much money from selling my clothes it is ridiculous
 - Get a second job. I mean you won't have a life for now but going overseas is worth missing a day/night out with friends!
 - Prep lunch at home to take to work
 - Lemonade stand?
 - Steal money (ha ha, don't)

As for booking accommodation, check out where you can book out people's houses, apartments and rooms all over the world! Sometimes these places are even cheaper than a hostel. The owner will greet you when you arrive, show you around the place and give you local advice on the area. I have used AirBNB multiple times and will always be the first to recommend it to anyone who needs accommodation anywhere.

As stated previously, I love packing for a trip away. I mean when I stay a night at my boyfriend's place I'm honestly prepared for every kind of occasion and weather event known to humankind. It's not the most practical habit, although other times I'm thankful for my obsessive over packing tendencies - I mean, it will probably rain and that is why I need my jeans. It you're going on a long trip you'll probably have checked baggage therefore you have 20kg to play with, just always remember you're going to want to top it up with new things on your journey. Carry on baggage for short trips is a little trickier, just wear your heaviest stuff on the plane even if its 30ºC and then strip off once you're on board! 7kg isn't a lot, but surprisingly it can be. Just think: practical! 

A long flight is nothing to be afraid of, you just need to be prepared. My big sister Kobe who has travelled between the UK and Australia her whole life has got her long distance routine down pat - she even wears a clear face mask during the flight, books a lounge and shower for her stop over, and then reapplies the mask for the last leg of the flight! 

1. Once you're on that plane, you're on it for multiple hours so you're going to need to be comfortable. The most important thing is to wear something comfy, preferably layers with long pants, always pack a scarf and bed/flight socks in your carry on for extra comfort because the air con is unforgiving. 2. The air con also really dries out your skin so pack your favourite face wash, moisturisers, hand cream, lip balm and face spritz to apply during the flight and on your stop over in a big bathroom. 3. I'm going to be real with you, you are going to feel super seedy after about 9 hours of the flight, so please do not leave your toothbrush at home! Brushing your teeth on a long flight at least makes you feel like a real person for 5 minutes - and if you can access a shower during a longer stop over, even better. 

My carry on essentials! // Clockwise from top right: Apple earphones; Aēsop body balm; hand mirror; Claudalie beauty elixir; passport; folding hairbrush; sunglasses; notebook; travel pouch; iPhone; small travel book of destination; long flight socks; pen; wool scarf; Catalogue reading material; eyelash curlers; Lily of the Valley hand cream; Chloé mini perfume; Marc Jacobs: Daisy Fresh sample; aromatherapy sleep roll on oil; eco toothbrush; Burt's Bees lip balm & cuticle cream; $50 safety cash; bamboo bralette; sleeping mask.

4. Brushing your hair and remembering a hair tie is vital, you will regret not being able tie up your long locks. 5. Take sunglasses. Yup, be that pretend celebrity, you are going to want them in a bright airport when you'd rather be sleeping. 6. Sleeping is the most important thing to do! Try and time it right with your flight, take a sleeping mask and an essential oil that will aid you to sleep such as lavender or neroli. 7. Fresh tunes and old acoustic albums will make the perfect soundtrack to your flight, bring a little notebook to jot down musings and travel ideas while you're feeling inspired in the sky. 8. DRINK WATER! Okay this is so important, if you only drink the smallest cups of water you've ever seen that come with your in-flight meal, then you will be in trouble! Make sure you buy a 600-750ml bottle of water in the Departures lounge pre-flight and make friends with the air hostess who will continually top it up for you during the flight. 9. Watch Bridget Jone's Diary I don't really know why and neither will you when you're 16 hours into your flight. 10. Relax, chill out, spread out as much as you can and if there's a row of spare seats, grab em' as soon as the seat belt flight flicks off. 

Details clockwise from top left: Caudalie beauty elixir; Burt's Bees lip balm and cuticle cream; eco toothbrush;
Therapy Range Sleep roll on (they also have a ket lag one!); Daisy; Chloé; eyelash curlers; Lily of the Valley hand cream

Ah, definitely a relief. Make sure you've arranged transport to your accommodation or head to an information desk to suss out the public transport system. If you're cashed up and ready to roll on out, head to the taxi ranks (lucky duck) and have a printed address in English and in the first language of the country you're in. Enjoy every moment of your trip, it's what you work your butt off for and it is always so worth it. Go there with no expectations and get into the local nooks and cracks everywhere you go.

This blogpost is dedicated to the overwhelming amount of girls who have contacted me in the past month about planning their gap year present of future! I'm really flattered and a little surprised at how many of you want my advice on travelling in your gap year. Apart from what is written above, the other piece of advice I have is: be safe and stay as long as you can! Better yet, you can always go again!

Love, Chlo x